The Rockport; combines cast iron beauty with optimum heat performance and solid construction to bring you the perfect mid-sized wood stove. The Rockport; features an elegant, clean design with beautiful European castings, bold lines and a gentle curved shape that will complement any homes décor. This heavy duty stove features a large firebox, 165 square inch viewing area, easy-to-use ash pan and a full convection heat exchanger that provides maximum radiant and convective heat. The Rockport™ features revolutionary patented Hybrid-Fyre® technology, making it one of the cleanest burning and most efficient wood stoves in the world! The Rockport™ boasts an impressive 0.7 grams of emissions per hour and high overall efficiency of up to 71%. This allows you to use less wood while burning hotter fires for longer periods of time, saving you money on your heating bill. Lopi® is devoted to keeping you and your family warm. The Rockport™ is artfully crafted from the finest grade materials like iron, steel, real masonry brick and crystal clear ceramic glass, ensuring many years of dependable warmth and comfort for your home, even when the power goes out. You can even use the top of the stove as a great cooktop surface. We know you’re going to love it.


Heating Capacity
Up to 250Sqm
Maximum Burn Time
Up to 10 Hours
0.7 g/Kg
204 Kg
Cast Iron
Up to 71%
Maximum Log Size
Firebox Size
.060 Cubic Mtre